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About us

Welcome to Holistic Healing Therapies situated on an acre of tranquil landscaped gardens giving a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. Holistic Healing Therapies was set up in 2005 by Patricia Insley. Patricia is qualified in a wide range of therapies including Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Sports Injuries, Podo – Rhicidian, Shirodhara, tuning forks and energy healing modalities-Reiki, Bodytalk and Accunect. Patricia also teaches a day course called Accunect Selfcare and a 2.5 day course called Accunect Connect. Both these courses are energy healing modalities with the aim of empowering people in their own health care and healing journey. We also carry out Bio-Well body energy scans which gives you a very detailed report on how efficient your body is working and what areas need a little attention.

Holistic Healing therapies also has a meditation room which caters for up to 10 people and a Training room which can cater for up to 15-20 people. Patricia also puts packages together which also includes the use of the outdoor jacuzzi to complete your magical experience with even deeper relaxation.

Patricia and her team prides themselves on providing a hands on holistic approach to all their treatments. Therefore they do not only look at the physical ailment that the client may present with but aims to treat the whole person on a physical, mental , emotional and spiritual level.

Patricia advocates working in harmony with modern day medicine and all treatments are complimentary.

Treat yourself today the holistic way at Holistic Healing Therapies and after your treatment enjoy a cup of herbal tea in the relaxation area to complete your experience. All facilities are wheelchair friendly.

Remember “Holistic Health is your Wealth”.

About Patricia Insley

Patricia has a Bachelor of Science honours degree from the University of Limerick, Ireland and has 10 years experience working in the electronic/automotive industry where she held both engineering and plant management positions. During this time Patricia always had a keen interest and read a lot about different complementary therapies while trying to balance health, work and down time. For many years Patricia worked in a constant state of stress and realised that any time she took a holiday she got sick. Her body just gave up so when she relaxed her body shut down so that it could heal itself. It was a huge realisation for her at the time how important it is to keep mind body and spirit healthy. Patricia tried out and got a feel for lots of therapies as she brought her body back into balance.

After the birth of her first child Patricia again experienced first hand the benefits of complementary therapies as her child had severe acid reflux. Patricia knew at this stage that this area was where her future lay and started training in 2004.Patricia set up Holistic Healing therapies in 2005 and has never looked back. Patricia has since obtained qualifications in a wide range of therapies including Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Shirodhara, Tuning forks, Reflexology, Podo-Rhicidian, Sports Injuries, and energy healing modalities-Reiki , Bodytalk and Accunect. Patricia has got such amazing results with Accunect she now teaches some courses in Accunect.

Stress and busy life styles can all take its toll on our bodies. If our body is in a constant stressed state it will be in defence mode all the time and therefore cannot heal itself. Patricia’s aim is to help restore balance back into the body which will help activate the clients own self healing abilities. Patricia enjoys helping her clients reach their full potential in health, well being and performance.




    Accunect™ Connect

    Accunect™ Connect

    Accunect Connect is the foundation course for the Accunect healing system and whilst teaching you easy techniques to use on yourself, your family clients and pets, it connects you back to your true seREAD MORE