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An amazing course with an amazing teacher

Accunect is an amazing course with an amazing teacher in Trish. In the 20yrs that I have been
working in energy work I have never witnessed anything like the transformations that happened to
everyone on the course over the weekend. Very powerful and so easy to learn. An amazing
experience. Thank you.


Trish is an amazing therapist

“Trish is an amazing therapist working from her truest heart space to give you exactly what you need at that time no matter what modality she uses.”


Thank you Patricia for helping me get back my life

“My shoulder has given me problems for over two years. It was affecting my life hugely as I could no longer go training and the pain was keeping me awake at night. I never thought that sports massage could be so powerful and after three sessions I was sleeping like a log and back doing light training. Thank you Patricia for helping me get back my life.”


Trish is a true “angel of healing”

“I found Patricia when I was feeling very low, unwell, angry and lots more. Bodytalk for me has been a lifeline, switching on brightness in my head, helping me feel calm, positive, more energetic, not consumed by anger, much more able to cope with life’s challenges.  It’s so empowering and Trish is a true “angel of healing”. “

Una – mum (44)

Thank you for this experience

“After a Shirodhara treatment I was blissed out and felt the treatment was very powerful, deeply relaxing, and sensual and for me I would describe it as a transcendental experience. Thank you for this experience.”


That hot stone massage was the best massage I ever had

“You put so much time and energy into your treatments that I honestly have to say that that hot stone massage was the best massage I ever had. Thank you so much.”


I am amazed every time by you

“Patricia I can’t believe it but the constipation cleared this evening after the treatment and she is so much brighter and happier in herself. I am amazed every time by you and Bodytalk..”


Healing on all levels

“Reflexology gives me all I need, healing on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Thank you so much.”


Truly grateful for Patricia and bodytalk

“Bodytalk has taken me very gently by the hand and lovingly led me through the streets of my life and continues to give me insight and understanding along the way. This “work in progress” is truly grateful for Patricia and bodytalk.”


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    Accunect™ Connect

    Accunect™ Connect

    Accunect Connect is the foundation course for the Accunect healing system and whilst teaching you easy techniques to use on yourself, your family clients and pets, it connects you back to your true seREAD MORE