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The science of Self Discovery through numbers

Numerology analyses the combinations of the letters in your name as well as the date on which you were born to give clues as to your character, strengths and weaknesses, natural talents, motivations and life purpose.

Numerology is a wonderful and practical tool which enables you to understand more about yourself and the world you live in. Numerology can take you to great depths of profound knowledge and understanding about your life by applying a powerful key which helps to unlock your subconscious mind. It therefore helps to reveal information about the real you and hidden aspects contained within your chart.

There are many different methods of numerology applied in many cultures around the world. Esoteric Numerology highlights the concepts behind numbers to reveal the inner mysteries of life and the universe, the kabbalah or the application of numerology within names is also used and Pythagorian Numerology remains one of the most popular methods of numerology used in the West today. Phythagoras presented that nature geometrises, that divine law is defined and accurate and that it can be computed and figured with mathematical precision as definitely as any statement in arithmetic or physics.

Numbers are not solid objects but are moving energies or vibrations, and each number contains the potential for light or positive experiences and the dark side or negative experiences within them. These vibration influence your life and each number carries with it the potential for many different experiences. In numerology each number highlights qualities, both strengths and challenges, which are carried within its potential. Each number also contains spiritual, mental emotional and physical elements.

As such, understanding numbers provides us with a simple and accurate meaning of our life in the same way as a road map helps us to navigate a route we have not previously travelled.

Your personal numbers are a source of strength and healing that invite you to step up to a higher level of awareness. The study of numbers is one key to interpreting the forces of your outer world in order to better understand your inner self.

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