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PhytobiophysicsPhytobiophysics® is the science of plant energy – the use of the infinite energy of plants to restore balance and harmony to people of the world on all levels of consciousness. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

Every cell in the body vibrates at a particular frequency and have the capacity to admit and transmit light faster than a billionth of a second. Unhealthy cells lose this capability and admit light but can no longer transmit light which creates an aberration in their energy stasis.

Bio- Photon energy from plants is harnessed as a resonating memory in water, and used to stabilise the many disturbances of modern society. We live in very troubled times. We are surrounded by pollution on every level, physical, emotional and spiritual. Pollution creates disharmony and disharmony is disease. For every imbalance there is on the planet, there is a plant that holds a key to restoring harmony. Since plants have the ability to adapt to the disturbances in the environment very quickly, it should be no surprise that they have the capacity to stabilise these disturbances and hold the key to creating healing for every disease condition which exists.

Every plant on the planet creates energy on a specific frequency and this energy is matched exactly to stabilise and harmonise all the disturbances that create disease in mankind and on the planet. The energies of the plants is harnessed and used as essences. These essences are referred to as Energy Harmonisers.

White light splits into the rainbow:

The colours of the rainbow direct the energy to where it is needed.

Every chemical, element and every substance on the planet has its own characteristic pattern of energy frequency that can be related to the colour-band. Through the amazing colour of the petals of the flowers it is possible to relate the vibration of each flower to a colour vibration. Each colour resonates with a particular part of the body. If you have chest or lung issues you use a green formula. If you have throat issues you use a blue formula. If you have stomach imbalances you use a yellow formula.

Your healthcare practitioner can determine which formulas you need by using muscle testing. A combination of formulas between heart powers, tree and flower formulas are often used. Your practitioner can also determine what level each formula is working on be it physical, mental emotional or spiritual thus determining how many times a day you need to take the formulas and for what time frame do you need to take the formulas. The part of the colour wavelength that can be perceived by the naked eye vibrates between 420 to 680 nanometers however despite the fact that we cannot see all the colour frequencies we still feel them and these frequencies play a vital role in the harmony of life.

The Electro-magnetic frequencies that are close to colour on either end of the colour spectrum are ultraviolet and infra-red. At the ends of the colour spectrum, colour fades into invisibility. Light energy comes from the sun and the sunlight that the moon reflects.

Light is vital for the survival of the life force. Without light, life cannot be sustained. Colours play a valuable role in healing, energizing and harmonising the different levels and meridians of the body. White light enters the body through the eyes and via the melanin in the skin to the pineal gland. The pineal gland acts as a prism, splitting the light into the different frequencies of colour. The resonance’s of the different colours balance the energy on each chakra or level.

The rainbow travels through the body, from the hot, low frequencies of infra-red and red which relate to the earth, base chakra to the cool, high frequencies of ultraviolet and violet, which relate to the crown chakra of the mind and soul and the brain.

Phytobiophysics® Flower/Tree/heartpower formulas are:

  • Natural
  • Free from additives and chemicals
  • Non addictive
  • Safe for babies, children, the elderly and pets
  • Harmless

Phytobiophysics® formulas have the capacity to:

  • Release energy blocks
  • Antidote the vibration of poisons and toxicity of modern society
  • Aid the body to assimilate nutrients
  • Stabilise and harmonise emotional sadness and trauma which then assists recovery
  • Phytobiophysics® formulas stabilise emotions and create harmony. They encourage the body’s own innate ability to heal itself on a very profound level.

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