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Thermo Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candling)

Hopi ear candlingTreatment Time: 45 mins x 3 separate sessions

This is an ancient holistic therapy which was used by Indian, Egyptian, Chinese and American Indian cultures. A treatment consists of a light massage of the ear, then the candle is lit on one side and the opposite end is inserted into the ear. The candle burns for approximately 12 minutes each side. This is wonderfully relaxing for the client. The client will hear a crackling sound, and the aroma which omits from the special therapeutic ingredients of the candle fills the air, heightening the senses for relaxation.
For best results this treatment comes as a package of three sessions. The second treatment is carried out three days after the first, and the third treatment seven days after the second treatment.


  • Deep relaxation
  • The action of the candles cleans the inner ear area otherwise unreachable.
  • It improves taste, smell, balance, hearing, headaches, circulatory disturbance in the ear, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), and removes excessive or compacted wax.
  • Re-balances the auricular pressure after air flights and mountain stays.
  • Clears the mind, revitalises mental capacity thus improving alertness and concentration levels.
  • On a higher level it helps balance the chakras, thus harmonising the client’s energy status.

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